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Dressing for Satellite Tournaments

Dressing for Satellite Tournaments

How someone dresses for a satellite poker tournament has been shown to have an impact on how they and others at the table play. This may apply more when participating in a live tournament but it pays to keep what you wear in mind even if playing online. There are a number of factors that […]

Five Principles on When to Wear Sneakers

Five Principles on When to Wear Sneakers

Shoes say a lot about an individual. Consequently, you should dress based on the message you wish to pass or where you are. The rules on clothing such as suits and formal shoes are obvious. However, the same cannot be said for sneakers. Though it is common footwear, most people still get it wrong. Irrespective […]

Dress like the poker pros – what to wear

Dress like the poker pros – what to wear to look professional

Dressing up for poker has become a substantial part of projecting a certain image. Apart from that quite a few well-known poker players are quite superstitious, and never come to the poker table without their favorite lucky charms. Instead of bringing your lucky trinket, you can also wear it. Lots of players have lucky t-shirts, […]


Nike started out as a company called Blue Ribbon Sports, and was founded by track athlete Phil Knight, who attended the University of Oregon. Helping him was his coach and partner Bill Bowerman. At first, Nike was only a distributor from the back of Phil Knight’s car, getting Japanese shoes from Onitsuka Tiger. As Nike […]

The History of Sneakers

Sneakers were not in everyday use from the point of their inception. At first, only tennis and croquet players used them, for comfort and flexibility. Customized soles and gripping surfaces ensured that athletes had the best use out of them while playing various sports. They were also compulsory footwear during school Physical Education classes in […]