Dressing up for poker has become a substantial part of projecting a certain image. Apart from that quite a few well-known poker players are quite superstitious, and never come to the poker table without their favorite lucky charms.

Instead of bringing your lucky trinket, you can also wear it. Lots of players have lucky t-shirts, watches, earrings and even socks or underwear which they believe improve their chances of winning. Others love special accessories such as card guards. While it’s doubtful whether these lucky trinkets really work, they do work in the sense that if they make you feel more self confident your chances of winning do improve.

The Fossilman, aka Greg Raymer, who won the 2004 WSOp Main Event is well-known for sporting his rather unusual shades when he plays poker. He’s not the only one either, and the purpose is not just too look cool – it’s also to hide your eyes. Of course obviously expensive sunglasses will also indicate to other players that you are a successful player with lots of money, which could intimidate them and make them less self-assured when they play.

A large number of poker players like to wear caps and hats at the table, because they help to at least partly hide one’s facial expressons. Wearing a cap with a bill shades your eyes, which will make it more difficult to guess your hand. Others prefer to wear hooded sweatshirts, because they hide both sides of your face and also make it much more difficult to see your facial expressions. High collars and scarves can serve the same purpose.

If you are a newcomer to the game of poker a good idea is not to wear anything that will attract too much attention. Wearing jewelry for example could be a mistake, for when you get nervous you might start playing with that expensive ring or bracelet, basically announcing to other players that you don’t quite know what to do next.