Shoes say a lot about an individual. Consequently, you should dress based on the message you wish to pass or where you are. The rules on clothing such as suits and formal shoes are obvious. However, the same cannot be said for sneakers. Though it is common footwear, most people still get it wrong.

Irrespective of the type or brand of your sneakers, there are principles on when and when not to wear them. Here are five sneaker dress codes to keep in mind.

Match Your Wardrobe

The world today allows for the freedom of expression in any way you wish. However, fashion does not accord you that luxury. Therefore, ensure that your sneakers are not glaringly out of place with your other piece of clothing. It is consequently vital to purchase shoes that match your current wardrobe unless you are doing a total overhaul. You can check online for ideas on how to match your sneakers.

No One-Hit-Wonder Sneakers

Do you remember that guy in school who put on purple Supra sneakers every day? Well, do not be that person. Putting on your sneakers every day of the week is the fastest way to destroy their glory.

Match the Occasion

Versatility is what makes sneakers great footwear. However, some places such as fancy casinos have dress codes. Fortunately, most of them have immersive online versions, and a dress code is not one of the gaming rules.

Keep Them Clean

Dirty sneakers are an eyesore. Therefore, do not put on sneakers when they are dirty and dusty. Wash the laces, brush the soles, use sneaker shields, and shoe trees. Additionally, eliminate odours.

Since keeping sneakers, clean takes a lot of effort than ordinary shoes, leave white sneakers for the super clean. You do not wish to spoil your classy look with brownish white sneakers.


You can ruin the fun of the versatility that sneakers provide by not adhering to simple rules. The five principles will keep you from the wrath of fashion cops.