Sneakers were not in everyday use from the point of their inception. At first, only tennis and croquet players used them, for comfort and flexibility. Customized soles and gripping surfaces ensured that athletes had the best use out of them while playing various sports.

They were also compulsory footwear during school Physical Education classes in Britain. Many companies, such as Adidas and Converse, started before World War I. Adidas was founded in the washroom of the founder Adolf Dassler’s house, and Converse started out making shoes for basketball players. Adidas made an early impact on the market when Dassler marketed his shoes to the Summer Olympics contestants, and this successful campaign gave a boost to his reputation.

After World War I, and during the 1950s, shoes became a fashion trend. Various shoes for various sports were designed thanks to further research and study by Podiatrists. Jogging and running became mass-participation sports, and sneakers had to be designed for them. There was a time when the competition between the sneaker-making companies had spiked, resulting in the increase of various marketing campaigns to attract new and loyal customers to buy more of their new products.

As time went by, shoe companies learned from their mistakes and successes, and started to make marketing campaigns that started to impact on people. The sale of basketball shoes started spiking when Nike created a shoe called the ‘Air Jordan’, which Michael Jordan agreed to use after signing a deal with Nike. The shoes were so popular that, even after the famous basketball player retired from the game, his shoe remained a best seller, which it still is to the present day.

Some athletics shoes are expensive, and cost over a hundred dollars. Some of these shoes do have benefits, and can enhance performance. Others are just designed to make a fashion statement with a variety of colours and designs. Over the years, certain sneakers have also been introduced into fashion, such as the ‘Yeezy’ by Kanye West and Gucci ‘Ace Sneakers’.