Sneakers are a type of footwear that is majorly popular in the world. They are used for basketball and other types of sports, but are also being used now for everyday wear. Brands like Nike, Adidas and Converse hold the majority of the market, releasing new products and new sneakers regularly to keep the customer interested. Sneakers are becoming a thing of fashion. They are a big part of certain outfits and are also a hobby for many collectors. They are also now a major part of the hip hop culture, where sneakers are a part of the outfit that most hip hop artists and fans wear.

The Brands

The brands that deal and design sneakers are various, but there are a few companies that are prominent and hold a large portion of the sneaker market, notably Nike, Adidas and Air Jordan. These companies deal in various styles and designs, but sneakers make up the entirety of their footwear, and they are designed with fashion in mind. There are also other companies that deal in sneaker-wear, like Converse and DC, but they are mostly focused on parts of the market other than sneaker-wear.

Sneaker Culture

As stated, Sneakers are a big part of hip hop fashion. On this site you will find information about the brands themselves and the culture that surrounds them. We also provide information about Sneakers that may be rare and trendy, like the Adidas ‘Yeezy’.